Therapy 1-on-1

"We often think we are broken, that we have character flaws, when in actuality we make perfect sense, given the challenging experiences of aloneness, isolation, relational trauma and more.

We humans are uniquely vulnerable to emotional harm, but we are also uniquely available to hold each other and ourselves with warmth and resonance in ways that re-establish real relationship and engage our brains’ capacity for healing." - Sarah Peyton, Your Resonant Self

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"It is a radical shift to embrace any reactivity we experience and not make an enemy of it.  Rather than saying 'I must get over this, get rid of this' or 'I must heal this,' we go towards our reactivity and see it as our life force expressing in us that says, 'See me, allow me.'  Our liberation, our freedom is in attending to our greatest fears with an allowing presence.  The action of turning toward that which we perceive as the block in our lives is the act of self compassion."

-Robert Gonzales




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Welcome to Your Path of Healing and Growth

Where Compassion and Empathy Illuminate the Way

Let's talk about this whole "being human" thing, shall we?

Because it sure can be so messy, joyful, exquisitely painful, deep, vulnerable, exciting, overwhelming, and seemingly ever-changing.

An Approach of Compassion & Curiosity 

Every moment, in every joy, and (maybe even especially) in every hurt, is a window ready for us to open - full of information and imbued with delicious meaning. A chance to delve deeper, to explore what's there. A golden opportunity for learning and growth.

When joining me for a session, one of the main goals of our therapy together is to cultivate mindful self-compassion as you explore this, at times, chaotic and painful, but always wonderfully rich, inner landscape that makes up your life and inner being.

Together we'll go through this window, developing an empathic and curious lens to understand what you're going through. And what might be present to learn there - triggers, sorrows, discomforts, fears, anxieties, worries, threat response patterns, (how they're affecting your life and relationships).


Living Consciously, On Purpose: Breaking Free from Autopilot

Firstly, are we really living intentionally and consciously? Have we really thought about and considered how we want to live? Is it in accordance with our values, or because it's what we "should" do or what we're "supposed" to do (maybe based on what we see and experience around us and how others are living)?

Secondly, autopilot can refer to how we react rather than mindfully respond to certain situations. Life often has us running on autopilot, reacting to situations without true awareness or intention. We can slow down, and learn to recognize our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors without judgment, creating a space for reflectiveness and choice. This awareness is so incredibly liberating! To be aware of habitual (yet unnatural) reactions and compassionately understanding why those mechanisms are there to begin with (they likely supported us somehow in the past). And then relearning/wiring how we want to be, and empowering us to make conscious decisions and respond to life how we really yearn to - with greater clarity, ease, kindness, warmth, self-connection, and supporting connection with others.


Developing Mindfulness, Meta-Cognition, and Mindsight 

On our journey together, we'll harness the tools of mindfulness and meta-cognitive thinking (basically, thinking about thinking).

"Mindsight" is a concept developed by Dr. Daniel J. Siegel, a renowned neuroscientist and author. Mindsight refers to the ability to perceive and understand the inner workings of your mind and the minds of others. It combines elements of mindfulness and insight to create a deeper awareness of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Dr. Siegel's work on mindsight emphasizes the importance of recognizing and embracing one's emotions without judgment. It allows individuals to become more attuned to their internal experiences, gain insight into their thought patterns, and develop emotional resilience. By cultivating mindsight, people can better navigate challenging situations, improve relationships, and foster personal growth and well-being.


A Nurturing Space for You

As your therapist, my role is to hold a nurturing space where you can explore, heal, and grow. This space is yours—a warm sanctuary for self-discovery, understanding, and transformation. Here, your experiences are honored, your voice is valued, and your journey is met with empathy and respect.

Our therapy space together is a co-creation. You are the expert on yourself, and I am the empathetic witness and guide for your journey.  Our work together is collaborative and predicated on mutual respect and communication.

The therapy-client relationship has been shown to be the most significant predictor for successful therapy outcomes, so it is my priority to provide you a space that you feel safe, open, and trusting.

I consider it an honor that my chosen career is to be a professional empathy-giver, and I firmly believe in providing therapy with zero judgement.

Thank you for considering me as your partner in self-discovery and healing. It's an honor to walk alongside you as you embark on this beautiful voyage of becoming the best version of yourself.



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And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. -Anais Nin

Therapeutic Approaches and Modalities

Attachment Theory/Child Development & Trauma

Internal Family Systems (Schwartz)

Nonviolent Communication (Rosenberg)

Compassionate Inquiry (Gabor Maté)

Focusing Therapy (Gendlin)

Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (Teasdale, Segal and Williams)

Mindful Self-Compassion (Neff & Germer)

Polyvagal Theory (Porges)





"As we learn to speak from the heart we are changing the habits of a lifetime." -Marshall Rosenberg

"The essence of trauma is the real question is:  How did we get separated and how do we connect?" -Gabor Mate


“What is freedom? It is the moment-by-moment experience of not being run by one’s own reactive mechanisms.” -Ken McLeod




Cost and Location:

In person in my clinic in Efrat, Gush Etzion, Israel, or via online teletherapy.

Sessions are 60 min and cost 350 NIS.

I also offer generous sliding scale - please don't hesitate to reach out about this option so you can have access to support in a way that is easeful and joyful for you in your financial situation.