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Fall 2023 schedule
yoga studio fall 2023

Experience healing, compassionate, and rejuvenating yoga

In addition to the strengthening and easing for the body, yoga is a potent tool for self-connection.

Access deeper healing with the self-loving and nervous-system-regulating effects of yoga.

To learn to be in tune with the body; "be here now".

Feeling what so yearns to be felt, with the nurturing quality of slowing down, and leaning gently into what's there.

Greeting and accepting what we find there with compassion and grace.

All while supported in a cozy and calm environment with a caring teacher to guide you 🙂




Monthly rate: 45 nis/class

10 class flexible card: 50nis/class

Single class: 60 nis



275 nis

*please be in touch if these prices are not financially accessible, I'd be joyful to work with you and your situation
*24-hr cancelation policy



Peaceful & Respectful Suggested Studio Etiquette

Group classes are a space of shared energy.
The following items are requested in order to co-create a space of harmony and healing:

1. Silence or turn off your cellphone
2. Not using/looking at your cellphone during class
3. Remove your shoes by the door for cleanliness & hygiene of the studio
4. Be mindful of the energy we bring and share with others
5. Keep voices low and calm while in the studio
6. If entering late, do so as quietly as possible and without interrupting the session-in-progress
7. If needing to leave early, leave before savasana/meditation begins

So much gratitude and appreciation for contributing to this calm and healing space for all of us!


Featuring vinyasa, hatha, and gentle restorative yoga.
Yoga classes are located in a calming yoga studio in the Rimon neighborhood of Efrat in Gush Etzion, Israel.
The studio is fully-stocked, bright and airy, with easy parking.
Mats and all supplies are provided.

Space is limited. Please register in advance by reaching out to Sarah

[email protected]

(972) 50-427648

*Please note there is a limited schedule for July and August.
Contact Sarah to learn more.

"Calming, restorative and indulgent yoga. Sarah's voice is so soothing, she encourages every student to get into their zone and adds every extra to create a very special space for each practice. Her classes have been my weekly treat for a year and a half now - oxygen!!"

"Yoga with Sarah has been one of the best journeys I have experienced. When I walk into her warm studio and sit on the mat I connect with myself. I remember who I am and what my purpose is. I connect with my body- something which is difficult for me off the mat. I learn to trust myself. I can feel myself getting stronger. Yoga has been a catalyst for me working on myself outside the studio. I’m a big fan."

"I have been a Yoga student under Sarah’s tutelage for going on four years. I struggle with Type 1 Diabetes and yoga has helped me find balance, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Sarah has guided me, through her practice, to find my own and understand what I need to do in order to stay healthy.
She has provided me with the restorative tools to help me cope in all areas of my life."

"Sarah is kind, patient, and loving. More than mastering any yoga pose, I always feel good and more complete after class. She is more than a yoga instructor. She looks at a person as a whole and meets them where they are to help left them up to their inner potential. Although I am a beginner, I already see progress and strength in my body, mind, and emotional state."

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