Hi, my name is Sarah Friedlander and I very much believe in the power of empathy & healing.

You might be wondering, "what does empathy & healing have to do with yoga?"

Because most of us have already heard all the incredible physical benefits of yoga.

Like strength, mobility, balance, blood circulation, sleep quality, balanced hormones, pelvic floor function, immune system health, and so much more!

Now there are also evidence-based studies demonstrating how yoga is tremendous for relieving stress and anxiety.
Yoga can be a powerfully healing complementary tool for emotional health.

Because yoga is time meeting ourselves where we are.
To feel and connect.
To slow down. To nourish.
To be in the body. To breathe.
To practice mindful self-compassion.

And this is my guiding principle for our yoga classes.
That it is through the asanas (physical poses) we cultivate self-love and acceptance.

I teach group and private one-on-one yoga classes in the soothing atmosphere of my yoga studio in Gush Etzion, Israel.

I also very much enjoy traveling to teach group workshops on yoga, self-love, mindfulness, writing workshops and more.

There is such meaning and purpose in giving over the health-giving gifts of yoga, mindfulness, & meditation;
of empowering you to access your own wisdom and strength.

I'd be very happy and grateful to share with these gifts with you.
To show you the gifts inside yourself.

You are very much invited to have a session with me!

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How Can We Work Together?

Group classes
Join me for a group yoga class in Efrat or Gush Etzion.
Check out the schedule here.

Private sessions
We can work one-on-one in your home or in the yoga studio.

Workshops and Events

Feel free to discuss with me workshops and other offerings.
I am a certified Israeli business and have taught the following workshop topics at events and retreats: Yoga Nidra; Writing Workshop for Self-Love; Workshop - Making Friends With the Inner Critic; Couples Yoga Date Night for Increased Intimacy; Guided Meditation for Serenity; Introspective Journaling and Yoga for Deeper Self-Connection; Vinyasa Yoga for Beginners, Vinyasa Yoga for Intermediate/Advanced, Writing Workshop to Cultivate Gratitude; and more.

Ready to talk?

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