Yoga! Your One-Stop-Shop

This article will outline just a few of the amazing benefits of yoga.

Because, listen, we don’t have a lot of time these days.
Between working, running our homes, maybe there are kids in the mix… life is BUSY!
Why I love yoga – I get so many of my needs met from this ONE exercise.

Throughout my life I have done different fitness endeavors.
Yoga has proven to be the BEST “one-stop-shop” for my physical, mental and emotional needs.

And this isn’t my opinion. This is SCIENCE. (The American Osteopathic Association, as well as many other reputable health organizations, say the same.)

No other exercise has the same power to change the internal in such a way.

If you haven’t tried a yoga class, NOW is the time to try.
What do you have to lose?

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Emotional Benefits

When our body and breathing is 100% relaxed, it is physically impossible to be angry or frustrated. I promise you. You can try this exercise at home by putting on a guided meditation and getting yourself into a completely relaxed state from head-to-toe. Then try to think of something that makes you angry, WITHOUT feeling any tension in your body or letting your breathing change. It won’t work. You can try and try and try but the anger won’t come. If you do succeed to get angry, part of your body or breathing will have changed and no longer be relaxed. It is impossible to be both relaxed and angry at the same time! Amazing, huh?

Now imagine spending 1+ hour each week, or more, dedicated to letting go and releasing tension (while also getting an awesome workout!). Throughout the work we do with our body, we are also relaxing our minds and bodies, and much of the emotional pain, tension and anger we feel releases.

The breathing and relaxing techniques learned in class then influence life outside of class.
Students suddenly realize they are reacting more calmly to situations that previously triggered them.
Without even trying, without even being conscious of it.

The effects are amazing!
And yoga can be used effectively to help with depression, anxiety and insomnia.

Health Benefits

Certain poses work on certain areas of the body to improve many health conditions:

Stimulating the thyroid and balancing hormones.
Improving digestion and elimination.
Alleviating menstrual cramps or pains in the pelvis associated with pregnancy.
Pelvic floor strengthening.
Increasing blood flow and circulation.
Providing more oxygen and blood flow to the body and organs.
Cardiovascular health improvement.
Better breathing.
Lower risk of injury in other activities.
Muscle tone and strength.
Better mobility and flexibility.
More energy and vitality.

Spinal, Back, and Neck Health Benefits

Yoga uses natural ranges of motion. We work with the spine and the neck, turning and putting ourselves into alignment. Learning how to sit and stand properly, shoulders back, chest open.

A student of mine proclaimed that she no longer needed her once-weekly chiropractor sessions – after just 8 classes with me!

Other students remark happily how their aches and pains have disappeared.

It isn’t magic. It’s YOGA!

Breathing Benefits

Most of us hunch throughout the day. Imagine how most people spend their time – shoulders forward, back/spine curved the “wrong” way. First of all, this is can cause a lot of neck and back pain.
Second of all, imagine what is happening to the airways inside the lungs?

Take a moment. Push your shoulders back, and sit up tall.
Now – take a deep breath.

Notice anything? Notice that now with your shoulders back – you can take a deeper breath of air?

It’s a problem when we hunch our shoulders all the time. We aren’t getting as much air as we should.
Parts of our lungs/airways are cut off from receiving oxygen.

In class, we teach our bodies how to sit tall for optimal breathing.
We also focus on our breath throughout class to ensure we are continuing to breathe versus holding in our breath (which can frequently happen in many exercises that we hold our breath during exertion – but exertion is when our bodies need breath the most!).

Sit up tall! Come to yoga and train your body how to do it naturally!

To Conclude

I hope I’ve convinced you how amazing yoga is!
And this is just a few of the amazing benefits.
Only the tip of the iceberg.
If you haven’t experienced it for yourself, it’s time to try a class.

And remember that every class and instructor is different. There are many types of yoga and teaching styles. They are not all created equal!

Yoga classes offered in Efrat in Gush Etzion, Israel!

Here’s to feeling the best that we possibly can. To BEING the best we possibly can!

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