The Hardest Part About Being a Yoga Teacher

What do you think the hardest part about being a yoga teacher is?
Dealing with difficult people?
The unpaid additional behind-the-scenes work?
Physical exhaustion?

Nope. None of the above.

The hardest part about being a yoga teacher is convincing women to make themselves a priority.

I’ll tell you a story.
I love my Destination Yoga. We pack up our mats and roll them out in nature somewhere. The beach, a beautiful park, a cliff overlooking the mountains, next to a river. It’s a new experience. You can read about Destination Yoga and all its benefits here.

When I originally advertised, I had twenty women signed up that same day. People were full of excitement for it. As the date approached, one by one women canceled. The reasons? They were too busy, too tired, they needed to cook/clean, they didn’t have enough time. You know what I hear when women say this? “I don’t have time for myself.”

Women are so busy running around taking care of everyone else. That looming laundry pile? A priority. Doing something nice and healthy for ourselves? Optional.

Why are our mental/emotional needs optional and the cleaning is mandatory?

I totally get it. I was there. I did the same thing. I ran myself into the ground, a total frustrated and run-down mess. I told myself I’d go to a class, go for a walk, anything that would be good. And each time I found a reason not to. And this only hurt my relationship with my family, and with myself.

Fast forward to now. Self-care is vital and I believe my jobs extends far beyond just teaching the one hour and fifteen minute class. My job is also to give women the opportunity to feel good, to know that they are important, and that they deserve that time and space to recharge themselves. I really focus on making the experience rejuvenating, cleansing and emotionally healing so people leave refreshed. An hour and fifteen minutes is not a crazy amount of time in order to re-center and align oneself. It only benefits every other area of our lives, and really benefits the people we are interacting with and taking care of.

When I do yoga, I am a better wife, mother and friend. But, maybe most importantly, I am a better friend to myself. I am a better ME.

So the hardest part about being a yoga teacher is convincing women to make themselves a priority and actually show up to a class, to say “yes” to an opportunity, to start living.

At the end of our Destination Yoga: On the Beach, one woman remarked, “I almost didn’t come. I was too busy. I am so glad I decided to come!” The rest of the women nodded enthusiastically, indicating the same for themselves.

So do it. Say yes to opportunity. Say yes to new adventures. Say yes to being the best you!