About Classes

Principles of Teaching

1. Co-creating a space of nurturing, safety, and healing
2. Client-led
3. Consent
4. All participation is a choice and optional
5. The teacher-student relationship is equal and non-hierarchical

Mission of Classes

Cultivate sensory awareness
Learn and practice tools for emotional regulation
Improve strength, mobility and flexibility
Increase self-awareness, love, compassion and kindness


Group classes
Monthly rate: 45 nis/class
Single class: 50 nis

Private classes
For up to 2 people: 185 nis
3-4 people: 265 nis
5-8 people: 365 nis

*please be in touch if these prices are not financially accessible
*24-hr cancelation policy

Peaceful & Respectful Suggested Studio Etiquette

Group classes are a space of shared energy.
The following items are requested in order to co-create a space of harmony and healing:

1. Silence or turn off your cellphone
2. Not using/looking at your cellphone during class
3. Remove your shoes by the door for cleanliness & hygiene of the studio
4. Be mindful of the energy we bring and share with others
5. Keep voices low and calm while in the studio
6. If entering late, do so as quietly as possible and without interrupting the session-in-progress
7. If needing to leave early, leave before savasana/meditation begins

So much gratitude and appreciation for contributing to this calm and healing space for all of us!


Be Healthy.


Have Fun.

Let's Get Started! 

Contact me and let's get on the road to feeling, being and living your best self!