Overcoming Binging and Type 2 Diabetes with Keto

I’m in a very share-y mood . Here goes!

My whole life I was overweight/chunky, ate terribly.

And I developed type 2 diabetes when I was 14 years old.

My health deteriorated from there through my late teens and into my mid to late 20’s.

I had a binge eating disorder. I just couldn’t stop eating.

I’m not even sure if it was psychological or chemical; once I took a bite of a cookie, pancake, anything sweet or carby – I couldn’t stop. Something would just flip in my brain and I would consume an entire carton of ice cream. A whole package of cookies. I hoarded food. I’d hide it in my bedroom and eat in private.

Once I was grown, out of the house, working and earning my own money, the problem only intensified because I had my own money to spend and all the privacy in the world to binge.

Obviously my blood sugars were terrible. I did untold damage to my body during these years.

It was an addiction. I’m 100% convinced.

Fast forward a few years, and I learned how to “eat to my meter” which is a concept in diabetes of writing down what you eat – every single bite – and recording your blood sugars before and after every meal to see how the food affects your blood sugar. If your blood sugar rises outside of the normal range, you cut out that food item. Through trial and error, you learn what your body can handle and what it can’t in order to keep your blood sugars in range.

By doing this I eliminated all meds (I was taking insulin for many years and various pills). I slimmed down (and without “dieting”). I went from Hba1c’s over 10 and brought it down to the low 5’s.

After I did this for a few years, the “keto” diet became very popular. It was so validating to see other people and diabetics doing what I was doing! Because, essentially, my diet is a keto diet – keto foods contain the least amount of carbs possible. Although I don’t really care if my body is in ketosis or not; I just want my blood sugar numbers to be controlled. But the recipes/food items and plans are the same.

Now a common question people ask: Isn’t keto so RESTRICTIVE?

I’m going to go with a HELL TO THE NO!

I have never felt more FREE in my entire life.

I am free from binging. Nothing is switching in my brain anymore. No more whole cartons of ice cream and the overwhelming feeling of guilt and failure for giving in to my addiciton.

No more insulin shots, pills, chasing low blood sugars with food I am not hungry for, nor chasing high blood sugars with medications.

Over the weekend I had cookies, muffins, schnitzel. I eat pizza. Ice cream. Pancakes. But I make them keto-style, using low carb ingredients such as almond flour, stevia or other sweeteners, buying my own 100% chocolate or cacao powder, just to list a few examples. My meals are big delicious salads smothered in healthy dressing, proteins, healthy fats. I eat huge nourishing portions. Wonderfully rich and delicious food.

I DON’T COUNT ANYTHING. I don’t keep track of anything! I don’t stop myself from eating! Ever.

If I’m hungry, I eat. If I’m not, I don’t. And if I want to make keto ice cream and enjoy to my heart’s content? No guilt! Because my blood sugar doesn’t budge. Because it’s yummy. Because it fills me up physically and emotionally. It’s nourishment.

So first picture here I am at around 14 years old.

The second pic is now, 36 years old, 9 months postpartum after my third child.


Keto can be seriously great. And not just physically.

It has emotionally freed me.

I’m so glad we have groups like this.

Thank you for reading <3


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