Don’t Like Yoga? Why You Should Try Again (And Again)

I used to hate yoga. I tried to like it. I really did. I went to class after class, searching for the reason why people would rave about it. In college, I was “crunchy” and “granola” (meaning, not quite a hippie because I wasn’t into pot, but into the outdoors and nature and healthy living), so everyone, including myself, reasoned that I should like it too. Except… I didn’t. I went to numerous classes and found it boring and slow. I much preferred something more fast-paced and fun, like running or kick-boxing.

One fateful day, my good friend Agatha invited me to try a free yoga class with her. I reluctantly agreed to go, but only because it was free, and because we were going to the cafe next door after and I really wanted one of their addictive smoothies. That day changed my life. I was surprised to find the class invigorating, energetic, fun, and the relaxation at the end had me leaving the class feeling totally balanced. I felt like I had had a wonderful workout AND somehow released all the tension in my mind and body. I was hooked.

I only went to class with this instructor from then on. Her energy and style simply resonated with me. It was as simple as that.

So if you’ve tried yoga and didn’t like it, give it another chance. Try with a different instructor.

Part of teaching yoga is giving over yourself and your energy. Every instructor has something unique to give. Preferences of poses and sequences, tone of voice, relaxation techniques, and, even more important, simply an energy that you can’t quite put your finger on. Point is, just because you didn’t like one yoga class doesn’t mean you won’t like another.

So try it today. I offer free trial classes, as do many teachers. (Check out my schedule of classes here.) If you don’t like mine, try someone else’s. I’m happy to refer you to other teachers in the area that I know and respect. I firmly believe that we all chose this path in order to share the love of yoga. If you can’t find the love of yoga in my class, I sincerely hope you find it in someone else’s class!

Happy yoga class exploring!