Destination Yoga: Everywhere!

This Friday I’m teaching a yoga class on the beach.
Why do yoga outside of a studio? Outside of your home?
Simply put: it’s amazing. It’s transformative.

It’s time to start saying yes to new experiences. It’s good for us!

We take energy from our surroundings. New experiences change the way our brain synapses work (for the better). The more new experiences, the more new brain pathways we are forming. The smarter and happier we are. You can read more fun stuff about new experiences and their effects on our personality, intelligence and brain function here.

I recently did yoga at Nitzanim and feeling the sea air on your skin was incredible. I returned home feeling rejuvenated, like a different person. Let me share that experience with you!

So join me! And I will be featuring yoga at different locations throughout the Jerusalem and Gush Etzion area. This week (June 29th) it’s at Nitzanim Beach in Ashdod, a very chill beach located in nature, free entry to the beach. We’ll be yoga-ing in the shade of a gazebo. Get details and RSVP to to reserve your spot. Cost is 50nis and the benefits to you are immeasurable.

Not interested in the beach? Follow my schedule for the next forest yoga session.

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