Yoga Classes in Efrat and Gush Etzion

Malasana at Ein Sorek, Israel

Hi, I'm Sarah Friedlander. I teach yoga classes in Efrat and Gush Etzion, Israel. Vinyasa/hatha, restorative (iyengar), meditation and writing workshops and destination yoga.


"I love yoga and sharing yoga with others. My passion is evident in my teaching."


Why yoga? Why meditation? When you're going through a hard time, what tools do you reach for to overcome challenges?


We all need tools for the difficult times and process what we're going through. Through immigrating to a new country, language and cultural barriers, divorce, single motherhood, physical ailments, parenting struggles and more - I have used these tools for self-love and healing spiritually, emotionally and physically.


I grew up in a small country town outside Buffalo, NY. How did a snow-lover end up in the sweltering Middle Eastern climate? I came to Israel in 2011 in order to explore my Jewish identity and spiritual/religious levels, and happily found my home among the people of Israel.

Now I live in Efrat, Israel with my husband and two small children. We spend our time camping and hiking, playing sports, going for shabbat walks, practicing yoga as a family and traveling. In my spare time, I love to write and meditate.



I earned a BA in Sociology and Spanish from the State University of NY at Buffalo, an MA in Global Gender Studies from Rutgers University, and studied for a PhD in Social Policy with a focus in women's issues and violence prevention from Rutgers University. I have been a professional writer and yoga practitioner for over 15 years.


Personal Life Experience

My inspiration and passion comes from real-life experiences. In my teens and early twenties, I battled serious and chronic health issues. After years of feeling unwell and unhealthy on pharmaceutical medications that barely helped anyway, I dedicated myself to leading a healthy lifestyle and succeeded in reversing my health conditions. I am now medication-free for five years. I believe that many can do this through a combination of self-discipline, self-love, exercise and healthy eating lifestyle. I'm inspired to share my techniques and tools to a lasting healthy lifestyle.

In 2018,  she became licensed to teach yoga after completing the yoga teacher course in Gush Etzion, Israel.

Let's connect! 

I'm happy to have you or your child in one of my regular classes, or be in touch to start a new class designed around your needs! I am always delighted to brainstorm and try new things.